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Are you wondering how a live casino works ? It’s not that complicated! Specifically, a camera is positioned above the gaming table and the dealer, who is himself physically present in a real casino. It is this set of cameras surrounding the table that allows the images you see during your game to be transmitted to your screens. A graphical user interface is also superimposed on the table which allows you to communicate directly with the dealer about your game intentions. He sees what you want to do and can deal cards, place your bets or even spin the wheel judi togel.

The live dealer also has another screen in front of him that allows him to read your comments which you can make in the live chat. This way you can start a conversation with him.


It goes without saying, more and more players are turning to live casino when it comes to playing table games. The reasons are many and varied. Sometimes well-founded, they have more to do with personal feelings than real facts, but it’s always about more fun, more humanity and more fun!

Here are the reasons why Italian players turn to live casinos for their gambling.

Live casino has returned to human contact

If there is one thing that can be blamed on the online casino, it is the lack of humanity. From now on, this reproach is no longer valid, the live casino has allowed players to reconnect with human contact by bridging them and a real dealer.

The dealers smile, talk to us and set the mood. Some casinos even offer ‘BlackJack Party ‘ themed tables where music and dealers are the entertainment of the evening!

Casino online

A real revolution, especially when the croupiers (or traders) are charming! Also note that some dealers can advise and guide us in our game actions. The interaction is magical!

The real casino atmosphere without leaving your home.

the sound of the cards hitting the carpet, the ball that resounds in the roulette cylinder, the dealer who makes his announcements, the amount of bets that are lit and the dealer who is congratulates us on victory or reassures us when we lose – all of this contributes to the joys of live play.

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